13 Signs that say you have moved to Barcelona

Wednesday 4 July 2018


Dear novice: you have probably moved to Barcelona after spending lots of time dreaming on waking up in the most cosmopolitan city of this side of the Atlantic , and you have achieved it.
But if you want to survive in this city , there is things you will have to learn as soon as posible.Welcome novice!

1. 20€ note

You left home with 20€, you had a coffe, bought bread , a T10 and a walk in the neighbourhood . Get back home and realise you only have 4 coins left and you want to cry, but you have realized you are in Barcelona and , Barcelona és bona si la bossa sona!


2. Mar-Montaña y Llobregat-Besòs

You will have to learn as soon as posible to place the Barceloneta, Collserola and the rivers that are at the two sides of the city, and it will be easy for you to get to your meeting points.Get use to recibe indications like “we are meeting in Diputacion with Balmes on the moutain side, Besòs corner”


3. You will survive the flat searching

It’s important that you don’t get stressed. You will visit hundreds of flats , and you will learn to take the money of the deposit with you and follow the commercial to the office to do the reserve.
If what you are looking for is a bedroom in a shared flat, get ready for the interviews. Take something to drink while they ask questions will make you look different.


4. They will deliver anything to your door!

Yes, whatever! As from fruit and bio vegetables , as kebabs, sushio, ice-creams or alcohol. Do you want it? Just order it now ant you will have in your house in half an hour.


5. People will judge you for eating in a chain restaurant

With all the typical food restaurant we have in barcelona and you have to eat in a franchise.Yes we know the noodles from Udon are delicious , but you don’t want to tell nobody from this city.


6. You will invest half of your savings in locks for bikes

The people from barcelona get amazed when we travell to the north of europe and see all the bikes without being locked. There is lots of us that have gone down early morning to get on your bike and found out we are missing our seat , a wheel or direcly the full bike has dissepeared. So lots of us have locks that cost twice the price of our bike!


7. You will suffer the dampness effects

If you want to join the most mainstream conversations inbetween the locals, apart from following the game of thrones you will have to know everything about the dampness efects : it isn’t warmer than other places the problem here is the dampness.
In winter , you have to say: “El problema es que aquí , con la humedad , el frio te cala los huesos”.


8.You will know there is always something new to know and do

Why pay those rents that are so expensive,without making a profit? You are now living in an active city, where there is always something to see, exhibition to see , markets to go and restaurant to eat out. You are living in one of the best cities in the world. Act like it!


9. You won’t be sure if getting the Bicing card was a good or bad idea

When you start yo use it you will see its benefits but you will also see its issues. Sometimes bikes are missing, sometimes you don’t have where to park it.But what is true that Bicing is good to use it to go down to the center or to the beach and in winter , because in summer it’s horrible to go sweaty everywhere.


10. You will shit yourself when you see a supervisor get on the metro,bus…

If you haven’t got a ticket obviously!


11. You will dance untill 6 o’clock in the morning

Minimum! Here something different from other places from the world , lots of nightclubbs close early in the morning.But here you will learn to go to uni or to work with amazing hangovers!


12.Vintage clothes will be part of your life

You will dress it or hate it , but you will see it every where!


13.You will be terrified when you see the tourist with Mexican hats on

This is when you will realise you are a local.


Welcome novice!

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