5 Barcelona’s curious street names

Thursday 4 February 2016

Carrer de Barcelona

Sure you have street names of Barcelona in your mind, ​​maybe it’s the street where you have grown, where you met your partner, because it is called like you, or simply because they are streets with curious names. We have created a list of our favorites 5 Barcelona’s curious streets names.


Carrer de Ja-hi-som (We are here street)


This street with a very curious name is near the funicular station Vallvidrera Superior. It refers to the phrase was said when reached after the climb to Vallvidrera. Sure that every time you do a long walk, have been asking: Are we arrived (Ja hi som)?

Carrer Ja hi som Barcelona


Carrer dels Petons (Kisses street)

Sant Pere, Santa Caterina i La Ribera

Mua, muak, muakis, muaks, smuak! Take your partner to a street with one of the most romantic names of Barcelona and give a good kiss.

Carrer dels petons Barcelona

Plaça del dubte (Doubt Square)

Sant Antoni

If you are full of doubts, do not hesitate (it?) In strolling through the Plaça del dubte… Not whether you have more doubts!

Placa del dubte Barcelona

Carrer de Panxampla (Panxampla Street)


If you like to do a lot of things and stay too relaxed, strolling down the street Panxampla. However it has a story behind it, and that Panxampla was a bandit who made life miserable for the residents of Vallvidrera during the XIX century.

Carrer d'en Panxampla


Carrer de Foc Follet (Goblin fire Street)

Sant Andreu

If you like drama, go to the district of Sant Andreu and discover this street that pays tribute to the title of the play of Ignasi Iglésias.


Calles con nombres curiosos de Barcelona

Walk and discover Barcelona through the streets with curious names is an alternative route that it is amazing! Do it with public transport, walking, cycling, and discover the origin of the streets. And for you, what are the most curious street names?

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