6 Wallapop surrealist objects from Barcelona

Tuesday 16 February 2016

Barcelona objetos surrealistas wallapop

Aaaahhh! Wallapop is…the coolest App now!! They assure you find just what you need at a bargain price and flirt with your 1st 4th gorgeous neighbor. Well, we have not hook up, but we have laughed for a long time with things that are sold in Wallapop from Barcelona. Amazing!


If you don’t want Iceman finds you, buy this anti thermal camouflage, sure that neither he nor anyone will find you.

wallapop iceman camuflaje barcelona


Only for Barça fans. This gorilla emits melody and dance to music. Ready for the match?muneco wallapop barcelona



For the most coquettish, this green lipstick changes color when you apply it. Is it magic?

Pintalabios mágico wallapop Barcelona


To flirt no longer have to be a seductive, this jacket promises you find girlfriend for sure. It is sold because the owner has already found his soul mate. What are you waiting to find yours?

Wallapop chaqueta para ligar


And when you get your soul mate, give her this customizable keychain with images. Nice memory of your love.

llavero romántico wallapop barcelona


Protect your mobile with this “Chanel” silicone case simulating a same brand pack of tobacco and cigarettes.

Funda móvil chanel wallapop barcelona


Open the app and start searching, curiosity or to find what you need; we assure a laughter time. What are the most surreal items that you found in wallapop surprised you?


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