7 Barcelona clubs where you didn’t know that you can join it

Wednesday 11 November 2015



No matter what you do best, with this list of clubs that you can join in Barcelona you’ll have plenty to keep you busy in your free time.

1. Club Kritik
Casal de joves de Les Corts, Carrer Dolors Masferrer, 33-35

Kritik is a club where you can make the best use of your favorite fictional carácter with a role-playing games, strategy and simulation games.  They also organize gaming nights, annual conferences and miniatures wargame tournaments.


2. Morning Gloryville Barcelona
Carrer de Lleida, 59

Among the peculiar clubs in Barcelona, Morning Gloryville stands out as a very interesting initiative. They offer an energetic way to wake up every morning with lots of dancing, DJs, breakfast, art, yoga and massage to keep you moving throughout the day. Mr Wonderful’s philosophy comes true every morning giving to you a boost of energy.


3. The bike club Barcelona
Carrer de Sepúlveda, 6

If you love two-wheeled transport you have to join this club. This place is a mix of bike shop and ideas exchange that’ll put some soul into urban cycling, all while you have a bite to eat or relax with a coffee.


4.  Societat Coral l’Espiga de Les Corts
Carrer Joan Gamper 30

If you enjoy acting then you’re gonna love this association in Les Corts. Here you’ll find lots to do, like theatre, choral singing and chess, as well as painting and dance. This is an association where you will entertain and learn, and also perform musicals, mime and stories for children.


5.  Amics de l´estilogràfica
Fontanella, 17

Do you prefer BIC or Pilot pens? In this curious club you’ll talk about this and many more things related to the world of pens. You’ll be able to evaluate your latest acquisitions and learn a lot more about this fascinating world.


6. Asociación Numismática Española
Diputació 297, 3º 1ª

If you’ve travelled around the world and have amassed a stack of coins that you can’t even change, grab a sack and head to this curious association, where you can share your stories and swap your coins to improve or embellish your collection.


7. Asociación de Patinadores de Barcelona

We know that the only reason you’re not out skating right now is that you’re worried you’ll fall down, no one will help you up and they might even laugh when you stumble… Don’t worry! We have the solution. In this club you can relax, hang out, skate and participate in their events.


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