7 lookouts you can’t miss

Saturday 20 June 2015


We don’t trick anyone when we say we have everything. And we also have been lucky with geology. Mother Nature has given us 7 hills and 2 mountains, where runners will find paths to run and where the rest of mortals can go and enjoy the best panoramic views of the city.

This is our selection, after spending a lot of sunday afternoons in there:

1. Turó de la Rovira.

The Bunkers del Carmel were built as antiaircraft guns to defend the city from the fascist air force attacks. When the war finished, they were used by the population to build a shack neighbourhood (The Cañones neighbourhood) that lasted untill 1990.

For us it is one of the best panoramic views of the city : 360º in the outdoors.





2. Miramar, Montjuïc.

This sunny lookout is surrounded by some gardens designed for the Universal Exhibition in 1929, and they called it Miramar. From this point we can see in the foreground the sea, with the port, cable car and Poble Sec. We can see the rest of the city spreading out in the skyline, it is an amazing background for a non-romantic habit of having sex in the night.





3. Mirador de l’Alcalde, Montjuïc.

In 1960, Franco gave the castle of Montjuic to the Mayor of the city, and he began to do some construction on it to do a tribute to himself. The results were amazing. Different level terraces with mosaico tarmac, spectacular views on to the port and all the coast area. Perfect for an afternoon tea underneath the shadow of the pine trees, now that the heroin junkies from the 80s have stopped taking heroin in the surroundings.



4. Mirador del Migdia, Montjuïc.

One of barcelona negative aspects is that it doesnt’t have a sunset on the sea skyline. While we wait for the sun to change its habits, this is the only place from the city where we can watch how it hides. Ah! And where to have a Vermouth with full sunshine.




5. Turó de les 3 Creus & Plaça de la Natura, Parc Güell.

For all that it annoys us that Parc Güell, has massively increased , that since october of 2013 you have to pay to get in, we have to admit that it has some spectacular lookouts. 183M high you can see the Turo de las 3 cruces, place where Gaudi decided not to build a chapel because they found prehistoric rests. We verify that the architect knew what he was doing when he decided to build the Plaza de la Naturaleza!




6. Tibidabo.

To be able to get to the highest point of the city you will have to do a strange trip: railway,cable car and tram. But it is worth to have all the city at your feet, and on your back a vintage themepark (the second most antique in Europe!) and a church crowned with a Redeemer Christ, the same as the one in Rio de Janeiro, but in fake.tibidabo-article



7. MNAC.

The views might not be that amazing like in the other lookouts, but this is worth it. To sit in the surroundings of the Palau Nacional watching the Montjuic fountains ( you will surely laugh if you find out that in the past 20 years they have used the same songs), the 4 columns by Puig i Cadafalch, the most important buildings in Barcelona and in the background, Collserola!



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