Barcelona 24/7

Monday 27 July 2015


Sinatra said NY is the city that never sleeps, but Barcelona is making an effort to take its place. True, the shops in Passeig de Gracia still don’t open all night long, but we are starting to have some places that open 24/7 , which approach our city to the first world!

1. Fishmongers

“Oh shit… I forgot to buy some fish!” Who hasn’t had this thought on a tuesday at 2am? No worries, we have the solution: a 24/7 fishmongers, with fish and seafood ready to be in your fridge. It’s a vending machine installed at the door of Peixos Ricard, in Valencia street, 602. You can now buy half a quilo of codfish at 3am!


2. McDonald’s Vila Olímpica

You can’t deny it: there are moments when a McChicken can save your life… and save you from a good hangover. But if you go after 12 am you will have to work for it: it’s a drive-thru where they only serve food to take away if you go by car. You wouldn’t be the first ones to ask to be able to get into some of the cars in the queue to be able to order something.



3. Mini-Markets

A friend who never let’s you down. The owners of this shops have become our rescuers. Without them, we would have starved more than one sunday night. And the best they have done is to open 24/7 . God bless them!


4. Bakeries 24/7 

You live to the limit if you buy your bread at 4 am! And if you have been living – or drinking – to the limit all night, a croissant or croque monsieur will be a blessing for your stomach. So with those four coins you have left in your pocket, you will be able to buy the petrol you need to get to bed with dignity.


5. Work Center

Humans always leave things to do the last minute. And something that always happens is that the printers let you down in that last minute. We are lucky that somebody thought about opening a place where we could print, do photocopies and buy pens all night long. We’re sure that we have our college degrees thanks to them!


6. Flower Shop 24/7

Still nobody in the city can say if opening 24 hours is going to make them a benefit or not, but it’s fantastic to have a florist’s that never closes. You can mess it up whenever you want, because you will always have a bouquet of tulips to be able to get back to the heart you have hurt.


Eat, drink and fun!
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