Barcelona’s Ghost Stations

Friday 12 June 2015


Travelling by subway can be -apart from expensive- boring. You need to be prepared for the trips with more than 4 stops: a playlist with the bands playing at Primavera Sound that you still don’t know, a book that must weigh less than 200gr (aka Kindle) or enough battery to be able to speak on Whatsapp or pass 3 Candy Crush levels.

We suggest some what to do: build a dark room with your hands against the window and discover some of the ghost stations in Barcelona

1. Gaudí Station.

Built in 1968 to connect L2 with L5, it was never inaugurated. The platform is in perfect conditions, and it has been used a few times to put advertisement. Says the legend that sometimes you can see people waiting for the subway. Maybe they were the TMB pensioners, because their central office is in the lobby of this station.

You can see it on the L5, between Sagrada Familia and Sant Pau/Dos de Maig.

estacions fantasma barcelona gaudí



2. Banco Station.

The fear that a station causes is proportional to the years that it has been built.And this one was built in 1911. Located between the cathedral and Santa Caterina market, people use to say it was joined by a path to the central office of the Banco de España, and every night a special convoy stopped in this station to pick up the daily earnings.

You can see it on L4, between Urquinaona and Jaume I.

estaciones fantasma banco metro barcelona


3. Correos Station.

This station is worth to be the next localization of the SAW saga, and it was the last stop of the L4 before Barceloneta stop replaced it in 1972.
The width of the platform is only 1,5m! On the walls you can still see Danone or Franco’s political advertisements.

You can see it between Jaume I and Barceloneta.

estaciones fantasma correos metro barcelona





4. Fernando Station.

It was the end of L3 until 1968. Located between Liceu and Drassanes, if you pay attention you can see 2 porches and some of the wall tiles.

estaciones fantasma metro barcelona fernando

estaciones fantasma de barcelona fernando metro


5.The old Plaça Espanya Station.

The current Espanya Station was inaugurated for the Universal exhibition in 1929. One of the 3 tracks that began there was a shuttle from Plaça Catalunya to Espanya.
Probably who decided to shut this track down was the same person who decided to plant plain-trees in the city. This third track is now a lobby for the trains. People say it’s one of the nicest network connections!

estaciones fantasma del metro de barcelona españa

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