Safety tips for visiting Barcelona

Monday 20 June 2016

barcelona ciudad segura

Barcelona is a safe city…if you follor our safety tips.

Many of us are surprised when someone from another city tells us that Barcelona is a dangerous city. And they say it while wearing a poker face, as if they were talking about brazilian favelas. No, Plaza Catalunya is not City of God, but in Barcelona there are people more dangerous than Zé Pequenho’s friends: the pickpockets are a part of our culture, even more than Sagrada Familia is. Is Barcelona a safe city? Here you have some safety tips to prevent theft, and to get back home with everything you had when you went out.

1. Don’t take the reflex, with the 4 objectives, the ipad, the smartphone and 500€ in cash in your bag if your plan is to do 2 hours of queuing to enter in La Pedrera and walk along Las Ramblas for the rest of the day. On this issue, Tokio is a safe city, but Barcelona is still on the way.

barcelona ciudad segura

2. Don’t leave your bags unattended, on the floor or on the backrest of the chair of the places you go, like in restaurants or shops. ¡Nor let the purse or the mobile phone on the table!

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3. If someone comes to you to tell you that a bird shit in your jacket, mistrust. This kind of tricks are very popular in Barcelona, particularly around Arc del Triomf, but the pickpockets only want to steal your stuff.

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4. Don’t carry valuable items in your pocket when using public transportation, specially at rush hour. Our beloved pickpockets will take advantage of any contact to change your stuff  from your pocket.

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5. Don’t fall into the trap of playing the Ronaldinho or Messi game. The pickpockets will take advantage of the zigzaging to fleece you. It has happened to all of us, especially in Plaza Real and Ramblas.

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6. If you’re visiting Barcelona, don’t carry all the cash you brought with you. Leave something in the hostel lockers or in the hotel’s safe box. This is one of the most popular tips, but also the most ignored.

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7. Don’t play shell games in Las Ramblas. It’s a cheat, and the only thing that are going to disappear are your belongings.

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8. If you’re going to Barceloneta beach, better search for someone to watch for your belongings while you’re taking a bath. If you’re going to take a swim without nobody watching your stuff, it’s possible that when you come back, not even your towel will be left.

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9. Don’t think that the one that will steal your stuff will be a homeless or an inmigrant. Because there’s bad people everywhere.

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10. If you are visiting Barcelona, use our map. It’s interesting for locals and visitors, so if the thief sees you with it will think you’re a barcelonian!

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