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Walking around the Gòtic is great, but getting to know it is even better. Discover more of our history and all the hidden treasures of our Old Town with this walking tour. It’ll blow your mind!

Product Description

Walking around the Gothic is great, but getting to know it is even better. The oldest neighbourhood in Barcelona hides thousands of stories that you will pass by if you do not go hand in hand with us. More than teaching you things, we will make you understand them on a breath-taking tour that you will never forget. Go on this tour through the Gothic with us or you will not know what to explain when people ask you about Barcelona.

Have you ever wondered what places you missed in a city that you have just visited?

The Gothic quarter was built when Barcelona was still called Barcino and has almost 2,000 years of history, so it is better that someone shows you what are the best places to be seen.

Here you will find government institutions, the Cathedral, Roman walls, very well preserved 15th century houses, narrow streets and Zara shops. More than a tour, the walk through the cobbled streets of the Gothic Quarter is an experience of what Barcelona was and is today.

We will talk about how tourism has changed our city since the Romans arrived to nowadays and we will point out all the details of this place that would go unnoticed if no one tells you.

Why should you only leave this city having seen the beautiful places if you can also understand them?


Walking Tour: The Gothic: The Old Town

2 hours approximately.

27,95 euros per person.

The tour includes
The guide, his great knowledge and a huge smile!

The tour start at
10 a.m. every Monday.*
10 a.m. every Friday.*
10 a.m. every Saturday and Sunday.*

Metting point  (Map view)
Cathedral square.
Pla de la Seu, s/n, 08002, Barcelona.

General Info
Language: English and Spanish *
Children: If you are under 10 years old this tour is free for you! But the Picnic is not free..
Picnic: If you have any allergies or anything else that you would like to comment us about the food, do it with 72h in advance, please !!
Waiting Time: Hurry up! We will wait a maximum of 15 min. at the Meeting Point.
Cancellation: We only accept changes and refunds in case of a tour cancellation. But we love you!

* If you are a group and you want to do this tour in another Date, Time or Language write us to We will work on it!

What are you paying when you book?
Why is this not a free tour? Honestly, we would love to dedicate our lives to teaching our city to people for free, but at the moment we have not won the lottery. That’s why we want to explain you what every penny of what you pay for this tour is:
50% – for the guide – he has to recover their parents’ investment in university enrolment!
21% – these are government fees, so that they do not only waste our money but also yours.
28% – For Stemaki to be able to continue paying workers’ social security and drinks for the team from time to time.
1% – In order to continue playing the lottery.


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