Best costume shops in Barcelona

Monday 24 October 2016

La mejores Tiendas de Disfraces de Barcelona
If in addition to chestnuts, sweet potatoes and the classic panellets, you like costume parties and Halloween more than a fat kid loves cake, Stemaki will make sure you don’t miss out on finding a costume this Halloween. Check out the best costume shops in Barcelona.

In this big celebration with Celtic origin and American tradition, saying ‘Trick or Treat’ will not be enough.  Sexy, wearing a wig, scary, comic, fantastic, you can disguise yourself as you like, but do it! Now you don’t have any excuse to not find the perfect costume for you.

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We hope you’re not afraid of skulls, clowns or any disguise different than the usual and typical clothes that you can see in Barcelona on a regular day…

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1. El Ingenio
Carrer d’en Rauric, 6 Barcelona

Is not just an artistic creation center or a store with unique and hard to find products, El Ingenio, goes far beyond that and since 1838, sells illusions. In a magical and intimate atmosphere, you will find different objects as masks, beards, wings, feathers, eyelashes, nails, wigs, masks, bigheaded and countless costumes, to help you to get ready for one of the scariest nights of the year.

Tienda disfraces Barcelona El ingenio

2. Atucom
Carrer Roger de Llúria, 27 Barcelona

To wrap your body in toilet paper to pretend to be a mummy is completely out of fashion. So please, don´t be cheap and get a good disguise. In Atucom, they sale, rent and weave costumes and accessories for all types of events: Carnival, Halloween, Christmas and Epiphany, medieval fairs, theme parties, shows and also entertainment. If you also need accessories for your costume, you will find masks, makeup and characterization, glasses, noses and ears, hats, coats, vests, weapons, shields, batons…

atucom botiga disfresses barcelona

3. Menkes
Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 642 Barcelona

With 66 years of history, Menkes has become a benchmark in disguises rental and sale in Barcelona. They have more than 10,000 costumes for rent during Halloween or Carnival, but also for all the events that require wearing historical and traditional costumes. Will you be able to choose between so many options?

tienda menkes barcelona

4. La Bolsera
Carrer Xuclà, 15 – 17 Barcelona

Visited annually by over 200,000 people, La Bolsera, initially known as Industrial Bolsera, has been throughout its history, a very important store in El Raval neighborhood and Barcelona. In this emblematic store founded in 1919, everything is ready in order for you to find all the Halloween products that you may need: makeup, masks, wigs, caps and hats, costumes, decorations for the party…

la bolsera barcelona

5. El Relámpago
Carrer del Torrent de l’olla, 130  Barcelona

In Gràcia neighborhood you’ll find El Relámpago, born in 1941, this costume store has always been synonymous of party. They start in the small village parties and, since then, they’ve been providing joy generation after generation in Carnivals and Halloween parties all over the country. They also have an amazing blog where they share creative ideas to decorate your house for Halloween, little handicrafts much easier than trying to build Ikea’s furniture.

Relampago tienda de disfraces Barcelona

6. La Pimpinela de Sarrià
Av. Del Príncep d’Astúries, 8 bis Barcelona

Do you have an outrageous and innovative idea? For those who wants to be disguised in a special costume, in La Pimpinela de Sarrià studio they can produce whatever you want, that’s why they are dressmaking professionals. They also can prepare you the perfect party, in your house or in any other place. You just have to tell them the theme and they will bring you all the costumes wherever you are and pick them up the day after. It would be great to ask them which were the weirdest and the most freak costumes people asked for.

7.Welcome fiestas
Carrer València, 508, Barcelona

Welcome fiestas, has all kind of items to celebrate Halloween’s night. They can provide you details to set the table, costumes and accessories of the scariest characters, and decorative items such as wreaths, signs, lanterns, skulls, skeletons … and of course, pumpkins in different sizes and materials.


8. Época
Carrer dels Almogàvers, 145 Barcelona

Focused in show costumes, Época Barcelona, rent and also make all kinds of garments, historical and also contemporary. They also increase the range of original and fashionable costumes during Halloween and Carnivals. Active since 1994, they have variety of stock: historicist costumes, 60s and 70s costumes, all kinds of accessories and they also take care of the costume arrangements.

Epoca tienda de disfraces Barcelona

9. El Carnaval
Carrer de la Diputació, 79 Barcelona

Witches, pirates, skeletons, zombies, mummies, they are all waiting for you at El Carnaval store, a very complete party goods store where besides all kinds of costumes you can also find plenty of accessories for your Halloween night.

Carnaval tienda de disfraces Barcelona

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