Best donuts in Barcelona

Tuesday 19 April 2016

donuts in barcelona

Donuts are like pizza:  they’re always delicious, whatever you put on it! Classic, filled, of different colors, sweet or salty, glazed…our mouths start watering when we think about them! Maybe that’s the reason why they always go down well.


We have worked very hard looking for the best donuts in Barcelona to do this list, and we’ve confirmed that artisanal donuts are the ones that taste better. ¡We want you to taste them all!

1. La Donutería

Carrer del Parlament, 20

Until we found this place, we didn’t know that donuts had so many possibilities. In La Donutería you’ll find a wide variety of flavours and colours that will make difficult to choose only one: banana, blueberry and yoghourt, miso, dulce de leche and almonds, passion fruit with raspberry or vanilla from Tahití are just a few of the flavours of the donuts that they bake daily.

la donuteria donuts in barcelona

2. Chöck

Carrer del Carme, 3

In Chök they’re specialists in testing and expanding the limits of chocolate. In addition to chips with chocolate, macarons, cupcakes, churros and apples, you’ll find their delicious chöks (aka donuts), ellaborated with their own recipe that makes them more healthy, light and tasty. Chöks are their own donuts, and they make them every day with the most fresh and natural ingredients. They have more than 30 different donuts!

chok barcelona donuts

3. Lukumás

Torrent de l’Olla 169

Valldonzella 36

Lukumas means donut in greek. Petros, the owner, is the son of the proprietors of a little lukumás workroom in Salónica. When Petros came to Barcelona, he decided to share with us all he had learnt in his home. In his two locals they have donuts in multiple shapes and colours: with or without hole, crème-filled, with marmalade, glazed or with diferent coverages…They prepare the donuts every day with extreme care!

lukumas donuts in barcelona

4. PanAmà

Casp 39

This bakery is a little treasure for bread and pastry lovers. They wake up before any of us to prepare our breakfast and afternoon snacks.  Everything they do, they do it YUMMY! Their donuts are classic: glazed or chocolate, we give them 10 points! We recommend their scrumptious donuts 100%!

panama donut glaseado

5. Boldú

Provença 233

The Boldú family started to make breads and pastries in 1939, and from then, they have gained the city! In addition to their delicious breads, they make spectacular donuts. You need to try their cranberry cronuts!

boldu donut barcelona

6. Dunkin’ Coffee

You can see the Dunkin’ Donuts in Barcelona here.

To be honest, we absolutely Love the 5 places that we have recommended you, but the truth is that at one time we were grateful for the opening of Dunkin’ coffee and Dunkin’ Donuts in Barcelona. Because we love to eat un 5-star restaurants, but occasionally nothing tastes better than a BigMac.

dunkin donuts in barcelona

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