Best Dumplings in Barcelona for just 5€ in Mosquito

Monday 6 February 2017

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Mosquito Tapas
c / Carders 46, Barcelona

You’ve never heard of this gem of the Born yet? Mosquito is an Asian tapas bar inspired by Vietnam, China or Korea. Where you’ll find the best Dumpling in Barcelona. This small and simple restaurant has few tables and a bar from where you can see how they cook their exquisite Dumplings, soups, noodles and rice dishes that, accompanied by one of their great craft beers, will make you embark on an Asian trip through the senses .

Dumplings el Mosquito
Exquisite Dumplings!
Dumplings are the star dish at Mosquito: Pork, veal, vegetables or prawns will make you lose your sense. Our favorites, without any doubt are the Langostino shuijiao, for only 5 € (6 units) you will enjoy an authentic delight. They are, to the present day, the best Dumplings in Barcelona!

Mosquito food Barcelona

But the Dumplings are not solo stars, you also have to try the soups, noodles and sautéed vegetable, stewed pork or smoked duck dishes.
During the day, Mosquito adds the egg noodles bowls and a tapas menu to accompany them. Mosquito at night, offers the tapas menu in its entirety, with more than 20 small delicacies built with high quality ingredients.

Restaurante Mosquito Barcelona
Another Mosquito’s great attraction is his amazing variety of beers, they have beers of different types: handmade, imported like the Belgians, the German made of wheat, the English style, or without alcohol, the Porter, local … and all at a very good price.

Té Mosquito
If you don’t like beer and want to try something different, do not miss the presses (lightly carbonated fruit juices) of apple, cherry, raspberry and lemon … with the right point of sweetness, gas and aroma. And if you like to accompany the tapas with some hot drink, Mosquito has a great variety of oriental teas: green, white, red … and spectacular mixes with floral touches!

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