The best sandwiches in Barcelona

Tuesday 14 June 2016


We have a list with the best sandwiches in Barcelona that you can eat without worries … and with your hands. Whet your appetite because you’ll want to try all of these.

1. Sandwich “El Gótico”

A very complete sandwich with chicken, avocado, eggplant, brie and mayonnaise, WARNING: you may become addicted to this sandwich! Here you can eat other sandwiches with delicious combinations,  and choose from a selection of salads and crepes.

El Guixot
, C/ de la Riereta, 8


2. Jamón Sandwich

They are specialists in cold meat. If you don’t like strange mixes and you prefer classic food, you should taste this  “jamón ibérico” sandwich with a cold beer.

, C/Valldonzella, 52


3. Pastrami Chicago

If you thought you had tried all the pastrami sandwiches in town, we must introduce you to the Pastrami Chicago, the Devil or Spartacus. Have you met? They are a must for pastrami fanatics.

Paprika Gourmet,
C/Castillejos, 248


4.  Carn d’Olla Sandwich

If you see a long line at Plaza Sant Jaume, it’s not the unemployment queue. It’s Can Conesa delivering their delicious sandwiches. They have a range of flavours from wasabi bread sandwiches and to cooked meat. Every one is delectable!

Can Conesa, C/ de la Llibreteria, 1


5. Botifarra negra sandwich

This delicious sandwich will make your mouth water and it’s not the only one! They have a very complete menu with sandwiches, focaccia and artisan bagel burgers. You’ll have a hard time choosing just one.

Carrot Café
, Carrer de Tànger, 22


6. Thai Sandwich with Bacon

Gourmet sandwiches, stuffed with meat, vegetables and exotic blends that will make your palate jump for joy. The Thai deli with pork belly sandwich is amazing!

Restaurante Sagás, Plaça de Pau Vila, 13


7. Spanish Omelette Sandwich

These is another classic sandwich on the list, but no less important than the others. We have to go to this Raval neighbourhood bar to eat one of the best tortilla sandwiches in Barcelona.

Bar Mendizabal
Junta de Comerç, 2


8.  New Yorker sandwich
Sandwichez, Mallorca, 179

This is a franchise spread throughout the city, where you can eat very tasty hot sandwiches. One of the best is the pastrami sandwich with spinach, mustard and fried onions. Delicious!

, Mallorca, 179


9. Canta Bro

La Caputxeta is the little sister of  Els Tres Porquets restaurant and They presents the Canta Bro: olives, anchovies, peppers and tuna on a thin bread. A gourmet sandwich!

La Caputxeta, Tànger, 147


10. Fish Sandwich

Gourmet sandwiches, made with local, organic and seasonal products. The menu changes frequently based on what is in season. Special sandwiches to eat fast in Barcelona.

Fastvinic, C/ de la Diputació, 251


11. Butipà

Butipà, Ramalleres, 16

The Butipà is made with coca oil and cornmeal bread, along with 100% pork sausage !!!  It won’t be easy to choose from their twelve flavors. Yes twelve flavors! including the “Butibiquini” to taste the traditional bikini, or “Butixai” with delicious lamb!

C/Ramalleres, 16


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