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Thursday 6 April 2017

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Made of chicken, ox, organic beef, fish, and even kangaroo … If you want to try one of the best hamburgers in Barcelona, ​​come to La Terminal.

Our recommendation for this week is La Serranita: 150gr of organic beef, rustic bread, Manchego cheese, Iberian ham, tomato, French lettuce and delicious Iberian sauce.

Hamburguesa La Serranita, La Terminal Barcelona

La Terminal
Gran de Gràcia 57, Barcelona

La Terminal Barcelona

In the heart of Gracia neighborhood, you will find this original and cozy restaurant specialized in hamburgers. La Terminal is able to turn a classic dish into a delicious meal. But don’t think they only have burgers, their menu is much more extensive. They have salads (Greek, Caprese, Cesar, Tabule), the famous Terminal Nachos (with guacamole, cheddar, beans and jalapeños), homemade hummus (with vegetable crudités and Wan Tum Frito), Edamame (with truffle oil White and salt malón) or its classic Bravas with hot sauce.

Restaurante la Terminal Barcelona

The terminal allows you to travel without leaving the city. The restaurant is decorated with a lot of style, simulating an airport terminal.

Restaurante La Terminal Barcelona

The space has five themed environments (London, Barcelona, ​​Munich, Manila and Delhi) and also food from all over the world.

Restaurante La Terminal Barcelona

The best burgers in Barcelona.
We will show you some of his famous hamburgers to give you an idea of ​​the amazing food that awaits you. The fresh ingredients have contributed to its great success. Start loosening your belt.

La Mexicana: 150gr of organic veal, bread of species, cheddar cheese, sautéed peppers, French lettuce and chipotle sauce.

Juicy Lucy: 200gr of organic veal, Vienna bread, cheddar cheese, tint, lettuce, purple onion and barbecue sauce.

Oh La La: 150gr of organic veal, rustic bread, foie, French lettuce, caramelized onion and apricot sauce.

No Worries: 150gr of kangaroo meat, Vienna bread, tomato, crispy onion, cheddar cheese and beetroot sauce.

Indian Lover: 150gr of chicken “Tandori Masala”, bread of species, French lettuce, tomato, purple onion and its delicious white sauce.

Hamburguesa La Terminal Barcelona

All of their burgers are accompanied by homemade and hand-cut fries.

Beers of the world

La Terminal has, other than good food, 6 exclusive varieties of beers inspired by different flavors of the world.

La Terminal Barcelona

London, Barcelona, ​​Munich, Manila and Dorchester, choose the best accompaniment for your meal.

Cerveza La Terminal Barcelona

If you like fish better than meat, we recommend you the delicious Fish and Chips of La Terminal, exquisite cod battered with chips prepared at the moment! You can also try the Norwegian: smoked salmon, muffin bread, French lettuce, tomato, capers and their homemade Norwegian sauce).

Fish and Chips La Terminal Barcelona
Would you like to travel to Munich without having to travel? Try the Weißwurst: Bavarian white sausage with German sweet mustard and pretzel.

Weißurst La Terminal Barcelona

The varied menu of La Terminal does not end here, the icing on the cake comes with its ice creams with varied flavors and with their elaborate homemade desserts:

Cheeescake: Homemade cheesecake.

Carrotcake: Homemade carrot pie.

Appelstrudel: Homemade apple pie.

Postres La Terminal Barcelona

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