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Thursday 22 February 2018

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Thigh or breast? Els Pollos de Llull restaurant prepare the roasted chicken in such a way that it will make you want to lick your fingers whatever your choice is. Get ready to try the best roasted chicken in Barcelona.

Why will roasted chicken never get old? This delicacy is traditionally a weekend dish, but Els Pollos de Llul will leave you craving chicken every day of the week. Els Pollos has been perfecting their particular recipe for over 20 years.

What’s so special about this Chicken?

It’s a roasted chicken marinated with a delicious mixture of spices, chopped apple and bathed in white wine and olive oil.

You can choose:
1/2 Chicken (6’30 €)
1/2 Pollastre de l’Era with apple and herbs (chicken from farms of Lerida) (8’85 €)
1/2 certified organic chicken (for 3 people) (18’00 €)
Kiki Menu (appetizer, side+ plate+bread+drink) (7’95€)

Pankiki sandwich Pollos Llull

Pankiki sandwich+drink just for 6€!

But don’t think chicken is its unique specialty. They also have a healthy and varied menu, full of delicious and typical catalan dishes such as: escalivada, cannelloni, salad with dried fruit vinaigrette and delicious scallop croquettes.

Croquetas Els Pollos de Llull

They also have tasty gluten free and vegetarian options: seasonal vegetable creams, sweet potatoes and delicious vegetable dishes.

Pollos de Llull Verduras

You can not leave the restaurant without trying one of his famous homemade desserts: Bread with oil and chocolate is one of his ‘classics’. The contrast of sweet and savory will make you speechless.

Pa amb oli i xocolata Els Pollos de Llull

Els Pollos de Llull
c/Ramon Turró, 13 Barcelona
c/Nàpols, 272 Barcelona

Els Pollos de Llull are known for their great local food at totally affordable prices. Its first restaurant, was located at 32 Llull street, that’s where its name originates from. Currently, they have two cozy restaurants, one in Ramón Turró and another in Nàpols Street. Both have a vibrant and colorful theme with their blue and white tablecloths and a space where the kids can play while the rest of the family enjoy the delicious food. And you can also order to Take Away!!!

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