Traditional Mexican food in Barcelona: Sabes una cosa…

Sunday 23 July 2017

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You’re in Barcelona looking for a traditional Mexican food restaurant? This is your place ! In Sabes una cosa you ‘ll enjoy an exquisite traditional food made with local products. Other than amazing food, you’ll be able to refresh yourself with a classic chelada or with its delicious margaritas.

What to eat?
Nachos, fresh guacamole, jalapeños, quesadillas, tacos, burritos, ceviches, casseroles, enchiladas, soups, alambres … all made with fresh and top quality products. Among all its dishes, we highlight its successful ceviche, and also the double taco of sea bass coated in nachos with molcajetada sauce and double pico de gallo.

The chef Juan Rodríguez, specialist in the corn products and derivatives treatment, is in charge to promote the traditional Mexican cuisine knowledge through his elaborate menu, in which he takes care of every detail.
Fresh ingredients are one of the success keys of its kitchen. Another of our recommendations is the Molletes with pico de gallo and beans.

Do you want to know the secret of the extraordinary taste of its meat? It’s 100% organic and local meat. If you are carnivorous don’t miss the carnitas or the Torta Milanesa.

Torta Milanesa

If you rather vegetables, Sabes una cosa has several dishes without animal ingredients. In the menu you’ll find the vegetarian / vegan options.

You also have to try their homemade desserts, all made by the bakery team formed at the School Hofmann Hospitality. Mmmm chocolate …

Sabes una cosa
Carrer de Tordera, 52 Barcelona

In the bohemian Gràcia district you’ll find this colorful and cozy restaurant that evokes a rustic Mexican house and where you’ll find an altar dedicated to Emiliano Zapata. A trip to Mexico with all your senses, but the one that will enjoy it the most will be your palate.

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