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Monday 6 February 2017

CHEAP EATS BCN Stemaki Barcelona

You don’t know where to eat cheap in Barcelona? If you like to eat well without having to spend a lot of money, pay attention, because we will discover you succulent and cheap dishes to enjoy in the city.

Get ready to eat cheap in Barcelona!

Those who think that in order to eat well they have to empty their pockets, they are wrong. Obviously, you can find exquisite delicacies for big amounts of money …

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… But in Barcelona, it’s also possible to eat well for cheap.

Even if you don’t believe it, finding amazing food at very good prices in Barcelona ​​it’s possible! We’ll prove it to you!

If you like to eat and you don’t know the city, or you are just tired of going always to the same places, in Stemaki, that we love to eat a lot, we show you the best places to make your stomach a little happier and without ruining your budget.

What do you want to eat and where?

When it comes to eating out, there are a couple of things you need to know: First of all, what type of food do you feel like having? And after that, in what area do you want to eat? We have walked all the Barcelona streets  to offer you the best options in every neighborhood. From Gràcia, through the Born and arriving to Sarrià … Month by month we will discover new and interesting places. Oh, and don’t worry about the budget, because we have found the best places to eat, at the best prices.

Terraza Barrio de Gracia Barcelona

Everyone has different opinions on taste; there are no rules.  Melania Trump is a good example of that, the same happens when it comes to food, that’s why we give you many options to choose from. The many types of cuisine include: Vegetarian, Mediterranean, Asian, Mexican, tapas, pizzas, ramen, empanadas …

Tacos Pikio Taco

You’re going to suck your fingers!

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If after eating so much, you need to exercise, check our Running in Barcelona  post, it will help you to recover a bit.

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Eat, drink and fun!
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