Pikio Tako

Pikio Tako: One, two, three, four tacos…It’s easy to lose track of how many you have eaten in this pretty hefty taco shop that worships the best of Mexican cuisine. But it’s hard to choose, so…why not trying them all? If you’re a mexican food lover, you’ll go crazy between their tortillas, always full of the tastiest ingredients: if you feel like roastbeef with caramelized onion and mexican sauce, ask for a D.F, or for a Yucatan if you want to experience the flavor of cochinita pibil  with red onion in pickled sauce and frijoles. But before, you need to start with their nachos, chicken wings and guacamole! The MUST: Aguasclientas taco washed down with a cold michelada. If you’re still thirsty after the tacos, ask for a Frozen Margarita, tequila or (and!) Mezcal. As it’s written in the wall…Sabroso!

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Eat, drink and fun!
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