Hidden Secrets of Park Güell

Sunday 3 April 2016


It ‘s one of the best parks in Barcelona, if it’s not the best, it may be one of the most unique parks in the world. The architect Antoni Gaudí filled Barcelona with his modernists architecture. Here we’ll explain the best hidden secrets of one of his works, the Parc Güell.

1. Número 5

17.8 hectares with 150 meters of altitude, these aren’t the numbers that the park hides. At the entrance you’ll see that the number 5 is the key number. On the walls of the Park Guell have to look for a A five-pointed star. This is the number of perfection , as Freemasonry, the companion number, who began his fifth journey. Everything comes from this religious movement at that supposedly Antoni gaudi belonged, It seems that this theory is just speculation, because Gaudi was catholic


2. Hänsel y Gretel

The pavilions were built about 1901. Right then,  the Teatro Liceu  was representing Hansel and Gretel, translated by a friend of Gaudí , Joan Maragall. So the mushroom form in the dome is not an accident.


3. Escalinata

As we mentioned, the thought of Gaudí is everywhere in the Park Guell.  There are  signs of many animals and mythical features with deep meaning connected with Freemasonry. On the steps of the entrance of the Park,  there are three sets of 11 steps, making a total of 33, the maximum degree of Freemasonry.


4. Snake with flag of catalonia

Going up the stairs we find a snakehead surrounded by what seem to be “la Senyera”, the flag of catalonia. Others people say that it symbolizes fire surrounded by water, and the snake symbolize an spirit. Everything comes from a philosophical and religious movement .


5. Salamandra

Behind the snakehead, it’s the salamander, which is neither more nor less that the drain of the tank, where the water from the rain was collected beneath the Doric Columns.


6.Turó de les tres Creus

It’s the highest point of the park. There you find this monument that have the form of Calvary with three crosses that mark the four cardinal points. Gaudí was inspired by a prehistoric cave with remains of fossils that he found in the Park during its construction, to built this monument.


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