Meatballs are the next big thing

Monday 22 June 2015


There’s life after pineapple, kiwi, bio or Nepalese-salt hamburguers. The next stage the minced meat will take will be round: meatballs are a finger licking trend!

One of the main reasons to give a chance to the meatballs is that all we’ve been eating in the last couple of years were gourmet hamburguers. Some of them are amazing, and we will still take the pleasure to eat them, but we also like the idea of the ball that combines with all kinds of food!


1. Can Ros

Roger de Flor, 303

This wine cellar is really authentic and traditional. Always full of people from the neighbourhood and with a plain but powerful kitchen, we can find their awesome meatballs’ sandwich! Toasted bread, homemade meatballs and soup with peas. Can’t miss out!


2. Casa Leopoldo

Sant Rafael, 24

They’ve been cooking meatballs in this place for more than 80 years. With cuttlefish and prawns, stewed for hours on a slow fire. Extremely delicious, and made by a cook whose dishes made shiver Elton John himself!


3. A Tu Bola

Hospital, 78

In this little small restaurant in Raval the meatballs are a tribute to all kinds of falafel. The influence of the jewish and the middle east cuisine give rise to their delicious lamb, chicken, fish or vegetable balls always served with hummus, bulgur or fresh salads. Ideal for those who want to keep eating healthy and keeping up with their new year resolution…even in June!



4. Matís Bar

Plaça Nova 5

Meatballs a la jardinera, with their leek, potato, carrot, bay leaf and white wine sauce. These are your grandma’s meatballs, now cooked by a chef with a Michelin star. Which ones will be better?



5. Meatpacking Bistro

Travessera de Gràcia, 50

With New York City as their main source of inspiration, here you’ll find one of our favourite combinations: Spaguetti and Meatballs! Fresh pasta with homemade tomato sauce and meatballs that would make Lady and the Tramp fall in love again. All the ingredients are proximity ingredients and you can see that!


6. Pappa Sven

Villarroel, 22

Do you remember the froozen swedish meatballs that you used to buy in Ikea? Forget about them: you’ll find the best Kottbullar here! Made with beef meat, doughty part of bread, milk and onion. With a little bit of pepper and mashed potato. Yummy!




Passeig de Gràcia, 116

In this absolutely cool restaurant in our Champs Elisées they prepare the most fashionable ones: crayfish meatballs with Thai sauce. It is worth spending our special payment on them!


Eat, drink and fun!
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