Sundays Ritual: Pollo a l’ast

Tuesday 28 July 2015


It’s sunday, you went nightclubbing last night and you have no tuppers left from your mum.You would like that person who has sleeped with you to also stay for lunch, but you are to shy to open the fridge and let him or her see you only have half a lemon that has being in your fridge for the past six months.But you are a clever person and you know that el pollo a l’ast will never let you down.

Here you have a list of the best pollos a l’ast in Barcelona , So you get the best choice!

1. Els Pollos de Llull

Ramon Turró, 13 / Nápoles 272

Restaurant where everything are chickens. Roasting for hours in front of the flames stuffed with lemon , pepper and thyme.You can eat this traditional catalan plate in the restaurant and take the left overs or you can ask for a take away.Don’t let the bright yellow color from the oil scare you, it’s delicious! In between the week they have the Kiki Rapid menu, you won’t be able to say no to!


2. El Pato Donald

Torrijos, 20

People that have lived and worked in Catalunya all their life that cook traditional catalan dishes to take away.The amount of years they have been working there make the flavor of the roast chickens be nice and juicy. You should order your roast chicken with some of the traditional dishes from the buffet like macarrones, snails, russian salad or escalibada. You will surely have to take a siesta after eating all this!


3. Rostisseria Gómez

San Juan de Malta, 48

The Gomez family prepare the best roast chickens in the Clot, also the best cod in garlic. But lets focus on the roast chicken: the chicken, always covered in chips, it is amazing! And the owners of the restaurant always make the queue shorter giving out some tinto de verano and patatas bravas. How weren’t we going to love them?


4. Chez Cocó

Diagonal, 465

If what you want is to have a posh meal, go to this rotisserie where the chef , trainned by Martin Berasategui, makes the most chic  roast chickens of the city. The restaurant has a rotatory spit where they also prepare amazing  roast squabs and quails.


5. Pollería Urgell

Comte d’Urgell, 23

Variety, quality and amazing prizes. These professional grills prepare their chickens with care, and the result is amazing. Eat loads of their croquettes , patatas panaderas ( cut in slices with fried green and red peppers) or with their spinach canalones, raisins and pine nuts. You will get over your hangover!


6. Amigo Döner

Marià Aguiló, 101

Everyone knows that the turkish restaurant that makes you a good kebab will also make you a good turkish style roast chicken. And if you don’t believe it we tell you they do! Don’t dare combine it with a shawarm it would be worse than taking another jagger shot like you took last night but it you put as a side dish some delicious homemade hummus that they prepare. You will certainly be amazed!


7. Pa i Trago

Parlament, 41

More than 40 years choosing chickens, roasting them with patience and making a good mixture of herbs and species to give the chicken the final touch.Cut in quarters, with potatoes made in the oven and the special sauce. You can give it as a present with a bottle of cava for only 14.50€!


8. Pollería Lisboa

Lisboa, 1

Early in the morning they start roasting the more than 300 chickens that they sell at the end of the weekend. They also roast rabbits, pigs rib and quail in this establishment in Horta that says to have the secret of the roast chicken: mixture of 11 different species. But be careful the most important isn’t what they put in, it’s what they take out!


Eat, drink and fun!
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