Sex Shops for dummies in Barcelona.

Friday 11 December 2015


According to a macrosurvery carried out by Durex this summer, Barcelona is the second destination in the world where to get off with somebody (yes, ahead of Brazil and the Caribbean). Maybe that’s why our skyline enjoying the suggestive shapes of the Agbar Tower.

But let’s face this: if we don’t count on Tinder, the flirting options are the same as always. And if it’s 6am at Apolo and your night hasn’t brought anything good (or just anything), it will be very useful to have depends on what gadgets on the nightstand. Ah! And if you are going to bed accompanied these little things can always encourage you out.

Here, the best Sex Shops in Barcelona for you to do your shopping. Because in these issues is better (and less risky) than buying online.

1. LoveStop Bcn

Escudellers 12

A huge store where you’ll have to mark a maximum time to explore everything. Massagers, vibrators, (un)clothing, gels and games. Occasionally they make presentations of new products, as they did to present Lelo Luxe or Pussybat ‘s handmade dildos.


2. Snow Dreams

Paris, 199

Always with open doors. Besides vibrators, lubricants and endless pleasurable products for women and men, here they boast of being BSDM aka Bondage experts. So be ready for getting familiar (if you’re not already!) with jaws and trapezes of love. And don’t panic if you just find a bukake session.



3. Handsome Love

Carders 12

A nice place where the staff will tell you about all the benefits of Chinese balls like anyone else. In fact, here they are not scared of talking about anything! You’ll also find all the toys, dvds, soaps, fetish accessories, oils and fun games for couples that you need.


4. Sestienda

Rauric, 11

Opened in 1981, this was the first Sex Shop aimed at the LGBT community in the country. 34 years of experience speak for themselves, so we can’t add anything else. Everything in there is designed to stimulate his and her body and mind.


5. SexToysCenter

La Maquinista CC 

Walk through lots of shelves full of erotic products and dragging a shopping cart is now possible in this erotic supermarket of 800 squared meters. According to the owner, this new idea of ​​erotic center is more directed to women and couples who are 80% of customers entering the establishment. More than 8,000 different products, including 80 models of shoes.


6. Kitsch

Muntaner, 17

In this Sex Shop you’ll find something for every kind of people, in all shapes, materials and colors. Start with a pheromone perfume so anyone won’t resist you…or try the gadgets that can be activated with an app to thousands of km away! In addition, they provide information on different practices and sexual health.



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