10 things you shouldn’t do in Barcelona

Wednesday 19 July 2017

When it comes to visiting a city other than wondering what you should visit or do, you should also be interested on what is not recommended to do. That’s why we give you some tips about the things you shouldn’t do in Barcelona.  

We assume that you already know that wearing a Mexican hat in Barcelona is not even a thing…

1. Don’t go to the bullfights
If you come to Barcelona expecting to watch a bullfight, fortunately, it will be impossible. Since a few years ago Catalonia banned this wild and cruel tradition. Instead you can visit Les Arenas, an old bullring now converted in a shopping center.

Les Arenas

2. Are you afraid to try a coffee that is not from Starbucks?
C’mon, be a rebel and try the coffee from the local cafes. We can assure you that its taste and price will seduce you. The coffee in our country is delicious, you just need to be brave and try it.

3. Don’t stay just in Barceloneta beach
There are more beaches besides Barceloneta! We know you love having a beach right in front of the city, but other than the bustling Barceloneta beach you can find amazing beaches. Only one hour drive north of Barcelona you can enjoy the Costa Brava, its clear water can compare to the one in the Caribbean.

Costa Brava

4. Don’t waste time on the waiting lines
To visit the main attractions of the city such as Sagrada Família, La Pedrera, Park Güell … make your reservation online and don’t waste your valuable time in the city.

Casa Battle

5. Don’t try to party at 10:00 pm
The party in Barcelona does not start until 1 in the morning. If you go to a disco before that time you will be alone. Keep in mind that a lot of clubs don’t open until midnight and close at 5:00 or 6:00 am.

Fiesta Barcelona

6. No frozen paellas or tapas
If you can find fresh and quality products why choose a tasteless and pre-made food? Check the good paella spots and don’t miss the opportunity to try good and fresh local food. Not all paellas taste the same and sometimes it’s worth paying a little bit more for a good dish. La Rambla would not be the right place to eat a good paella.

7. Don’t walk around with your wallet full of bills
We all know the fame that the pickpockets have in Barcelona. It’s not just an urban legend, it happens every day. So you should not only keep an eye on your wallet, we also recommend you to not carry a lot of money with you. Nowadays there is a thing called credit card…

8. Mojito at the beach, yes or not?
If you decide to go to Barceloneta beach you will see many radioactive green mojitos circulating around you. Its price is cheap and is very comfortable to drink a cocktail without moving from your towel. What we can’t assure is if its flavor will be the most delicious…


9. Don’t forget visiting the most emblematic neighborhoods
Not everything ends with the Gaudí architecture in Barcelona. If you have time and you are really interested in getting to know the city a bit more thoroughly, visit the neighborhoods of Gràcia, Poblenou, El Born or El Gòtic. If you are afraid to get lost you can do guided tours where you discover the corners that not all tourists or even locals can see.

Poblenou Tour

10. And last but not least … Act with respect!
We know that you come to Barcelona to have a good time and to enjoy day and night. But if you act in a respectful way, the neighbors who are used to be surrounded by tourists 365 days a year will be very happy and grateful.  That includes not peeing on the street, not littering, not screaming like crazy at 5 or 6 am, not driving electric bikes as if you were running the Paris Dakar Rally and to not lose control or get into fights.

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