The 8 best squares in Barcelona to swig a beer

Saturday 20 June 2015


It has been proved that having a beer after work or university class makes your life longer. It has been proved as well that if you have another beer after the first one, you order some “bravas” (chips seasoned with spicy sauce) and other four more beers and three gin&tonic and two shots and you end up going out on a weekday and going to work or university with a hangover the day after.

So here are our best beer proposals in Barcelona:


1. Plaça Virreina.

It will cost you an arm and a leg to have a beer in this square in the heart of Gràcia. But it has a very nice atmosphere and you can enjoy the sun here before and after lunch. If you go there during the afternoon, you can see a wonderful sunset. Tip: if you only want to pay one euro for a beer, don’t hesitate to go to the supermarket where they always have cold beers!



2. Plaça del Tripi (Nobody knows it as Plaça George Orwell).

Hideout for antisocial attitudes and guaranteed fine, this square was a mandatory-place-to-visit for both tourists and locals who were desperate looking for a place to sit and drink a beer in the city center. A couple of years ago, they removed the steps, but a bad penny always turns up and it is still a very good place to chat with the most surrealist people in the city.



3. Plaça d’Osca.

It is a classic spot in the Sants area because it has cheap beer and alternative bars. It is full of local people, a symbol of the most alternative protests and, of course, the meeting point during the local festival of the district of Sants.



4. Plaça del Pedró.

It is difficult to define it as it is something between a square and a wide street, situated in a small roundabout in Raval. Enjoy it when you go out from Big Bang, or you are going to Pesca Salada or you are just crossing the neighbourhood to go to Apolo.



5. Plaça del Centre.

This square, with its own metro station, boasts about having the best kebabs in the city. Its village environment with yogurt sauce taste makes you feel in a superb atmosphere and the price is more than acceptable.



6. Rambla del Poble Nou.

Well, it is not exactly a square, but it is a set of connected squares with its gazebos – a big terrace that starts in 22@ and ends by the sea. You can choose any bar and you will make a good choice. If you are in the mood, there is a Casino and the disco Razzmatazz really close by!



7. Plaça d’Orfila.

Sant Andreu is a traditional neighbourhood and little colonized by the touristic Barcelona with the Mexican hats. When leaving the metro at Sant Andreu, you fall in love at first sight with this little town. The square welcomes you with terraces, bakeries and there is a big park and Fabra i Coats cultural centre nearby.



8. Plaça del Nord.

At the top of Gràcia, you can find this square. Only few people go there as they stay at the mainstream squares like Sol, Diamant and Virreina. But it is really worth to visit: it is one of the few squares that have not been rebuilt and it still has sand and trees. Perfect to have a quiet beer!


Eat, drink and fun!
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