The best croissants in Barcelona

Sunday 6 December 2015

best croissants in Barcelona

Do you wanna try the best croissants in Barcelona?

It is believed that if you want to taste the best croissant in the world, you must travel to France, but that’s not true. You don’t have to go so far, you can enjoy this delicious crispy delicatessen right in this city. Come with us to enjoy the best croissants in Barcelona!

1. Mistral

Ronda Sant Antoni, 96

A traditional bakery , where craftsmanship and quality are the key. This place is known for its ensaimadas, but the mini chocolate croissants are a must. For sure, one of the best croissants in Barcelona. Delightful!


2. Hofmann Pastisseria

Carrer dels Flassaders, 44

Hofmann is a modern cakeshop located in El Born neighbourhood. You’ll notice the smell of chocolate, butter, bread and candy… Order your croissants, you won’t regret.


3. Bubó

Caputxes, 10

How does a perfect croissant look like? In Bubó they have the answer. Here you can taste delicious marzipan with nuts and chocolate croissants. Are you ready for it?


4. Forn de Sant Joan

Asturias, 55

Don’t expect to find the typical hipster, snob or fashionista kind of people. It’s a neighborhood bakery, where the quality and closeness are the secrets. There are no words to describe their croissants, that’s why you need to enjoy them!


5. Forn Baluard

Carrer del Baluart 38-40

It’s a traditional bakery where you won’t know what to choose as they have a great offer. The breads and croissants are the most popular among their creations!


6. Foix de Sarrià

Major de Sarrià, 57

It is known for its big and original windows as well as for its superb croissants. A real delight for the senses.


7. Pastelería Sacha

Vallmajor 31, Plaza Adrià

Known by its big and original window dressings, you will go mad for their croissants. A delight for the senses!


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