The 10 most horrrible buildings in the city

Monday 22 June 2015

Some people say we are the nicest city in the world. We have some of the most mainstream architectures of Lonely Planet, and people from all the world passes out after waiting for hours in the sun to be able to see them. But we have also known how to combine cement, concrete and plasterboard the worst way possible. The Ugly Barcelona exists, and it is nearer than it seems.

1. Hotel Plaza.

Plaza España is a mixture of architectural styles. There’s a classic-styled fountain in the center of the roundabout. On the other side, the MNAC; with hints of both the renaissance and baroque periods. And this hotel, with its Stalinist cut makes the total mixture!



2. Autopistas Acesa Tower.

This Giant heavy iron tower is located in Gala placidia, reminding us that sometimes the architects should dedicate themselves to do knitting or produce danceable songs, like Pitbull (graduated in architecture!) did!




3. Sant Miquel building.

Terrific, totally spoils the feeling of the fishing village of Barceloneta. The colours are horrible, and they don’t even work to scare the tourists away. The rear part is even worse!



4. Colón Tower.

This building is so agressive that it spoils the close up -and the not so close- environment because (unfortunately) it can be seen from a long distance!



5. Winterthur building.

Also called the eyelid house because of its original facade. Your eyelids are what you need to close when you pass by it!



6. The Auditory.

Is it a car park? Is it a factory? Is it a municipal gym? Someone once said that if you use the colours in a right way, you can save a facade. But sometimes you can also ruin some buildings, like this one!



7. Princesa/Via Laietana.

This is one of the busiest points in the city, but not many of us lift out heads up to become aware of the tragedy! Better for us!


8. Urquinaona Tower.

Some architects don’t know the meanings for harmony, proportion and beauty. And sometimes people let them design buildings like this one!


9. El Corte Inglés.

It is not only a emblem of consumerism and capitalism. Built as a military building in 1962, it’s also a emblem of ugliness and dictatorship!



10. Bingo Billares.

Altough it was demolished a few months ago, we all will remember it with love. Bingo Billares totally broke the coherence of Gran Via in a random way. The main entrance had been covered up for years. We will miss its amazing shrillness!


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