The most curious places in Barcelona

Saturday 13 June 2015


Attention: All the information in this post can help you win a Trivial.


1.The most ancient fountain.

Santa Anna fountain, built in 1356. They built it like a drinking trough for horses!



2.The tallest buildings.

Mapfre Tower and Hotel Arts, 154 meters tall. They are our mini Twin Towers…



3.The most photographed.

Parc Güell. You don’t have to prove it…



4.The most ancient house.

Sant Domènec del Call number 6, built in 12th century . It hosted a brothel during post-war!



5.The most ancient market.

La Boqueria, opened in 1840. Nowadays the most turistic market…in the world?



6.The most ancient Restaurant.

Can Culleretes opened in 1786. Appears in the Guiness World Records book…and still serving!

can-culleretes-los más-barcelona-restaurante


7.The narrowest street.

Carrer de les mosques, 1,70 meters width.

carrer-mosques còpia

8.The tallest peak.

Tibidabo, with 516.2 meters above sea level.

los más tibidabo barcelona


9. The busiest street.

Portal de L’Angel, about 3000 people per hour walk this street. Fancy a walk?

los más portal de l'angel


10. The most visited museum.

The FCB museum with 1,5 millions visits per year. Call it success or call it overbooking!


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