What does Barcelona lack?

Wednesday 8 March 2017

Panorámica Barcelona

How not to be in love with Barcelona? We have an enviable climate, exquisite food, beach, party every night of the year, architectural works known and admired internationally, super friendly people, the best soccer team in the world (no matter what they say in Madrid), even an emblematic theme park with magnificent views of the city. We have it all, or almost everything …
What does Barcelona lack to be the perfect city?

1. Public transportation 24/7

Metro Barcelona

In an day and night active city as Barcelona, ​​it is essential to have public transport 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is undoubtedly one of the weakest points of the city. From Monday to Friday, the metro only circulates until 12 at night, is a good schedule for Cinderella, but not for all those who want to extend the night or the ones who just leave work and want to get home as soon as possible, without having to wait for a Nit Bus whose route is more extensive than the one of the Tourist Bus of the city.

2. Uber

Uber en Barcelona

Barcelona is the only major European city that does not have Uber service. The taxi sector will be very happy for this, but those who don’t have enough money we miss a service that allows us to travel a few meters or kilometers without having to pay a big fortune.

3. A reasonable salary

Sueldo Barcelona
If you think about moving to Barcelona to make you rich, you can already prepare the bags to go to Switzerland. Unless you have a brilliant idea and set the business of your life, in Barcelona you you’ll have nothing to do. In a country where the Minimum Wage has just risen this 2017 to the more than funny 707.60 euros per month, the opportunities you have to make yourself rich without dying or crime in the attempt are few.

4. Affordable rentals

Alquiler Barcelona

At low salaries, oversized rentals. Does it make any sense? Any! If you are looking for a nice and cheap apartment in Barcelona you will sweat a lot until you can find one. You better be quick because they are in high demand. You will always have the option of sharing a flat with 3 or 4 friends as a teenager or to live in the Barcelona suburbs, in that case, you’ll end up spending the same amount of money in public transport to get to the city and work to pay rent.

5. More green areas

Parc de la Ciutadella Barcelona

We have the beautiful Parc de la Ciutadella, but a city with so much activity and super busy as Barcelona needs more green areas to relax and disconnect, run, read or kiss with the first boyfriend or girlfriend. Would not  be nice to have a Central Park in the midst of so much bustle?

6. Biking lanes

Carril Bici en Barcelona
If we want to compare ourselves to other European cities, pollute less and improve traffic in the city, it would be nice to have more bike lanes to be able to move around the city in a safe way. Fast routes that equipares biking to the other means of transport.

7. An airport with more international flights

Aeropuerto Barcelona

We have a big and clean airport that covers all the needs that a traveler may have but … There is always a ‘But’. Being Barcelona, ​​one of the most visited cities in the world and with a lot of air traffic, it needs to have more international flights without having to make stops, because to stop in cities like Paris, London or Frankfurt just to be able to reach another far destination, it’s a pain in the ass!

8. Waves

Olas Barceloneta Surf

Other than big waves, what we really would like to have in Barcelona is hot surf instructors! We have the good or bad luck of being bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. If you are passionate about waves and water sports like surfing or body surfing this is not your city. It’s not that the waters of the Mediterranean are like a lake all year round. In autumn and especially in winter you can enjoy some days of good waves, but be prepared to make a lot of friends, because all the Barcelona surf fans will be in the water that day. Posers included!


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